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Sol Foundation International

Educational Assistance

The current state of the education system in Roatan is extremely deficient and there is an urgent need to increase effective education initiatives.

The Roatan Education Commission estimates that in 2007, about 75% of the children in the island did not attend school and the enrollment rates are decreasing annually by 4%. Therefore, it is important to create community education strategies, to reach children who are not enrolled in school. These un-enrolled children account for a significant percent and represent a major concern as they may be prone to illiteracy, child labor and abuse decreasing their opportunities to integrate into society.

SOL International Foundation is promoting school enrollment by actively helping children from the community of Sandy Bay.  SOL International Foundation provides academic scholarships, uniforms, books and basic school supplies. Recently we discovered that many children were not continuing their education past the required 6th grade level because they simply could not afford to pay the $32/month transportation cost to get to the public school in Coxen Hole each day.  Thanks to donations and sponsorships, SOL has now provided over $10,000 in transportation and tuition scholarship money over the past 5 years.

Though our partnership with the Roatan Marine Park, we are also able to coordinate marine and environmental education activities.

Please help us to continue supporting children’s education by donating to this program.  If you are interested in sponsoring a child’s education, email us to find out how you can help!