Sol Foundation International
Sol Foundation International

Health Care

SOL International Foundation is committed to the health and well-being of all our families and we serve their needs in a variety of ways. At the SOL Community Center, we address the everyday healthcare needs by distributing daily vitamins and providing clean drinking water.

In addition to these efforts to promote physical well-being, we further ensure that our community members maintain physical fitness and encourage an active lifestyle through the many games and activities that they take part in each evening at the SOL Community Courts.

Volunteers from the health-care profession have made several visits to perform check-ups and talk with the children about the importance of good hygiene and a healthy diet. On the occasions when there is a family in need of more immediate medical care, SOL has been there to offer financial assistance and referrals.

SOL International would like to thank the many people from Clinica Esperanza and the clinic at Anthony’s Key Resort who are always willing to work with those in need. Through continued efforts working together we can ensure that the health of this beautiful community will be well taken care of far into the future.

We are always in need of medical supplies and encourage you to learn how to help.