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From the outset, SOL International Foundation has held the belief that organized youth sports play an important role in creating a healthy community.

We have established an ongoing Youth Baseball Program on the island.  Thanks to the generosity of a local donor, we currently have the first field dedicated solely to youth baseball – the John J. Wood “Field of Dreams”, behind the gas station outside of West End.  The Youth Baseball program revolves throughout the year to include children from ages 7-17.

In 2011, over 100 children participated in the SOL baseball program, and we were able to take our first team of All-Stars to La Ceiba for a tournament.  For many of the young men on the team, this was their first trip on an airplane, and for some it was the first time they had left this 32-mile long island!

In 2012, SOL International plans to announce our female Slow-Pitch Softball League.  Much like the Youth Baseball League, teams will be coached by volunteers and equipped with donated materials.

In addition to the efforts we are making in organized youth sports, in 2011 SOL International Foundation established an adult’s Slow-Pitch Softball League.  This league served as a fundraiser to support the Youth Baseball Program and offered an opportunity for ‘Gringos’ and Islanders, tourists and ex-pats, adults and teens, to come together in sport.

The SOL International Community Courts offer young adults a place to practice in the batting cages, play basketball and soccer each evening. The SOL Community Courts also houses our volunteer-led clinics in baseball, basketball, volleyball and soccer for both boys and girls for all ages.

To find out how you can become a part of any of our sports programs, email us for more information!