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Sandy Bay SOL Sea Stars – U12 Girls Volleyball Honduran National Champions!

SOL International Foundation is proud to announce that the Sandy Bay Seastars U12 girls volleyball team has qualified to represent their country in the CODICADER Central American Student Athlete Games in Panama on July 12-18! 

 Last year, these girls won the National Tournament in San Pedro Sula and earned a spot in the CODICADER games that were held in Costa Rica.  However, due to an outstanding debt owed by the Honduran government in the amount of $19,000, all Honduran athletes were barred from participating.  The debt has since been cleared and Honduran student athletes will now be welcome to participate in the 2013 CODICADER Games in Panama!

The logistics and fundraising that will be necessary to make this dream a reality will no doubt be difficult, but we believe it is possible. 


We have already received a quote for the required uniforms and warm-up suits that will bear the CODICADER insignia and the HONDURAS lettering from a company in San Pedro.  The girls have also already received the sports physical examinations and have been signed off by the doctor as being physically fit to participate.  We have acquired the necessary official birth papers for each of the 8 girls that will travel.


We are currently investigating multiple means of transportation to Panama.  The Honduran government has stated that they can provide free overland travel by bus from Tegucigalpa to Panama and they can cover the overnight expenses in Costa Rica.  This bus would include not only our U12 girls volleyball team, but other Honduran student athletes as well.  As a potential alternative, we are looking into airline tickets from either Roatan or San Pedro Sula and have found prices as low as $375/person round trip. 

Once the team arrives in Panama, their lodging and food will be taken care of by CODICADER as a benefit of the $50/person entry fee.  This entry fee is due by May 31, and we have put in place some self-imposed benchmarks that we must complete before paying this entry fee.  These benchmarks include:

  • Power of Attorney drafted and signed by each of the parents of the athletes involved that will allow us to begin the passport application process. (7 of the 8 athletes will need to apply for passports.)
  • A full understanding of the passport application process and an appointment scheduled if possible.
  • Uniforms and warm up suits ordered from San Pedro with a delivery date set.
  • A second Power of Attorney drafted and signed by parents that will allow their children to travel outside of the country without their presence.
  • A budget to be completed with all foreseen expenses liberally estimated.
  • Corporate and private sponsors in place to assist with the funding of the trip. 

While these goals are quite industrious for the short time period that we have available, I believe that by meeting these self-imposed benchmarks we will be well on our way to a successful project.

In my opinion, the benefits of simply acquiring passports and the exposure to international travel alone are worth the investment in this project.  This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for these girls and could have a significant impact on their development as young women.

To become a part of their amazing journey, click the “Donate Now” button and dedicate your donation to the Sandy Bay Sea Stars.

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